WP10 Boats

On someday’s In summer and spring I go boating with my dad but not just in any boat. The boat we go out in is a Hondo Sprint GT Flat bottom 19′. the boat is registered for the lake, but We have about 3 boat’s one is the lake boat (mine). My dad’s is the Race one where he races at sponsored event’s. The boat is set up to run a certain class called GPS 100 which means that If you break over 100 you disqualified from the race at the end. Even thought he runs the GPS 100 class the boat can do much more. top speed was about 126 on GPS tracker.

WP9 The time I fell down a hill

A few year I went Dirt bike riding and I was with about 6 people riding trails and I was following a kid who was going slow and I was new on Dirt bike’s so I was just learning the difference from the brake and the clutch and how to stop and go. I was riding up in the hill’s following the younger kid that has more experience riding than me but I had a bigger and faster bike, I was following then we started going down a small slope and got to a flat and then we had to go down a steeper hill that I had never done before so I just keep following the kid in front of me kind of close to make sure I wasen’t to far away form every one but then as soon as I started going down the hill I started gaining on the kid very fast and I got really scared and grabbed the clutch on accident and no the brake so the hill wasent very long but it was big for me. I gained a lot of speed and went flying down into a ravine filled up with mud. I got lucky and I wasent hurt at all I was just scared for a bit. That was my first real crash on my bike and since then I’ve gotten a lot better and now I ride a 250 CRF Honda.

(WP7) Drugs are bad for you 93.5% of the time

All Drugs are bad for you but some can actually help you compensate with pain for example pain killers. But some other drugs are more common than you think for example caffeine. Caffeine is actually a drug even thought it seems that it wouldn’t be a drug, caffeine it is considered a drug because it is temporary energy boost. And caffeine isn’t rare either you can find it in almost every soda pop and in coffee. Other drug are extremely bad for you but im not allowed to talk about them at school  but their are alot of drugs that are illegal for a reason. Just remember that dont do drug unless its caffeine Just dont do it to much or it might not be good.

WP6 Are Air pods worth the money?

Hi I’ve been think lately about the air pods and if their worth. In my opinion they are worth it because I like walking away from my phone when im listening to music and when I board I can get my homework done and listen to music at the same time. The down side of airpod.  Is that if you drop you phone the wires on a rare occasion it can save your phone from a drop or cracking your screen. Compared to the wired head phone’s the sound quality is the same but on the wired head (apple) Headphone’s you dont get a much Bass as you would using airpods.

SBC7 Christmas

For every Christmas I got over to my grandparents house up in the hills  and have dinner with my aunt and grandparents on Christmas Eve.  Normally we will have turkey or ham, after dinner we normally go by a tree inside their house at night and open gifts with everyone after were done at my grandparents we go home and fall asleep and then we wake up in the morning and open some more presents and after that we normally go to are cousins house around the corner of our house and open some more presents and have breakfast and we go home and use are new items from presents or spend time with my family.

SBC5 School

The average school day is going to my home class or my “team class” then going to my next period class. Having a different teacher for different subjects mean you have to go to a different class every 45 minutes. and at 2:50. Normally we have recess  and lunch on Monday, Tuesday , Thursday and Friday but on a normal week Wednesday we only have recess because we get out earlier then normal.

What happens at break time is that most people go onto groups with their friends, I normal go and hang out in a group with my friends also. At our school we don’t have any play structures but a field and a basket ball court and many kids do go and play soccer or basketball at lunch.

Special events that we do at our school is we have what’s called a “rally” where if you have a GPA over a 3.0 you are able to go to an event that the school host after school.



WP5 Am I a beast

I think I am the best fortnite player know at my school. Im a PC player and I’ve been playing late season 7, but Im a Season 1 player on console. any one that I have 1v1 from my school I had beaten and I haven’t build battled all students at my school but I have done some of the good one’s but most of them were on console. A bit about my fortnite account is I only have battle pass skin’s I never bought the season 1 skin’s like Renegade Raider or the rarest skin Recon expert but I have the season 2 battle pass skin’s like the sparkle specialist but I never got the Black Night if you want a shot a 1v1ing me my epic is (TTVBarriedflare1)